CNC Gear Grinding and Inspection

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Hofler CNC Gear Grinder


With our range of precision gear grinding machines we can produce very accurate ground gear profiles suitable for the most demanding engineering applications. We are AH Gears currently has New Zealands' only tooth profile and lead measurement inspection equipment which is monitored in a temperature controlled room.


Using our Gleason Pfauter PG 725 profile gear grinder with onboard inspection along side our Hofler 800 CNC gear grinder we can reduce setup times while producing gears to the highest quality ensuring their long life.
With the onboard measuring system, gears can be inspected while on the gear grinder greatly reducing setup times. Final inspection of the gear profiles, helix angles and tooth pitching takes place on our Swiss made Maag gear inspection machine which is regularly checked against calibrated masters to ensure accuracy and reliability to international standards.